Intelligence Games for Children

Intelligence games for children

Intelligence games for children, finding games for children at the age of nine years can be difficult because there are many options available, however, all you have to do is read the games below and select the game that you think your child will love the most, here are suggestions for a range of games, Intelligent children, 9 years.

Therefore, games are the best means to achieve this, as they combine fun and learning, and give the child an experience that suits his age and give him great benefit, so in this article, we offer you nominations for a variety of games, divided into three age groups, so that you can buy the best games for developing intelligence at Children according to what suits them right now.

Intelligence games for children 9 years

Here is a list of board games for children at the age of nine years, with an explanation of the advantages of each game, and if you cannot buy the same suggested games, you can buy similar games.

Star Junior game

It is one of the games suitable for children at the age of nine years because it requires them to use their concentration if they want a chance to win, as a result, this game can be expected to improve your child’s ability to focus for a longer period, and this game also encourages children to use their creative skills In thinking.


 Apple Junior game

It is one of the fun games, and it helps to teach children about teamwork because it requires a number of players, the players choose the cards and see if they are able to make comparisons with each other, this supports the idea of ​​social communication between the child and other people.

Santorini game

This game is an effective way to develop your child’s ability to understand the meaning of teamwork, and it is also great for improving their social skills, given that the game requires a number of players.


Google eyes game

This game helps children improve their social skills, in addition to their ability to work in a team, and its rules are simple and can start playing it immediately after purchasing it.


Harry Potter game

This game enables children to play as Harry Potter, who is one of the favorite characters from movies and books. As a result, kids become more excited to play it, which is great for kids who are fans of the Harry Potter character. This game helps your child learn social skills.

Disney World game

This game requires all players to work together to try to complete it, it can be played by two to six people, which provides children with a great opportunity to improve their social skills, as well as their ability to work in a team, and this game also helps to develop visual learning skills.

Parchisi game

It can be played by two to four people, therefore, children of nine years old can enjoy playing this game while improving their social skills as well.

A crossword game

This game strengthens children’s knowledge of different alphabet and words, it is a very educational and useful game for children.

Rory’s Story Cubes

The journey stories cubes are one of the most beautiful games for developing intelligence in children from the age of 8 years and over, the game offers a mixture of fun and learning, and it is already a tool that many teachers use in their classes and is also used to treat the problem of speech difficulty in children.

The game consists of 9 cubes, each cube has a set of graphics related to trips, for a total of 54 different pictures.

It can be played by one child or a large group, so it is suitable as a game for all family members.

The idea of ​​the game is based on encouraging the imagination of children, as he throws the cube and then begins to make a story depending on the image that appeared to him, and cast the second cube like the first, completing the story by linking with the existing image, and so on until he finishes the nine cubes and gets a story at the end.

And because the goal is to develop intelligence in children, it can benefit from all aspects of the cubes, so each cube is thrown again and the images are used on it, which increases the creativity and imagination space available to the child.

In the case of group play, each child throws the cube and tells a side of the story by completing what he reached for the previous ones.

An atmosphere of competition can also be added between the participants, where points are given for the quick delivery of the story to the next party as well as the elements of innovation, imagination, drama, and humor.

The Perfectly Logical Book

This book presents (100) riddles to encourage critical and logical thinking among children. We were keen to choose it in English to encourage language learning, and it is suitable for children from 8-12 years old.

Riddles in the book vary, between searching for missing patterns between objects, thinking about letters and secret codes, as well as trying to uncover similar relationships in pictures, which guarantees the child all kinds of fun and required learning.

The book contains at the beginning of each chapter a set of instructions that can help the child solve riddles.

Mind games for children

In addition to board games that help develop the social and intellectual skills of your child, there are also many games and mental activities suitable for children, which you can participate in with your child while you are at home, here are suggestions for these activities and games.

Electronic books:

It includes many downloadable e-books on smartphones, which may be fun for your child.


Encourage your child to read and share the habit of reading books and magazines with your child and discuss their content.

Electronic Mathematics Games:

It is located on the Internet, and it is one of the fun games for children, which helps them develop their skills in learning arithmetic.

Alphabet game:

This game challenges the participants to speak for a minute without using words beginning with an agreed-upon alphabet.

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